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Featured image for “5 Tactics to Redesign Your Shopify Store”
cgSeptember 30, 2022

5 Tactics to Redesign Your Shopify Store

Are you wondering when it is the right time to rebuild your online store? If you’re looking forward to redesigning…
Featured image for “Google Search Console’s Video Indexing Issues & Fixes”
cgSeptember 27, 2022

Google Search Console’s Video Indexing Issues & Fixes

In May, Google shared a new teaser of “Video Indexing Report” in the Google Search Console. The main properties and…
Featured image for “How To Harden Your WordPress Site?”
cgSeptember 27, 2022

How To Harden Your WordPress Site?

Let’s assume that you’re a hacker and are looking for out-of-the-box ideas to hack the best websites on the web.…
Featured image for “How to Give and Request Access to a Shopify Store?”
cgSeptember 22, 2022

How to Give and Request Access to a Shopify Store?

Do you own a Shopify store for running your e-commerce business? Are you looking for ways to add staff members…
Featured image for “How to add the Load More button on the Shopify Collection Page?”
cgSeptember 12, 2022

How to add the Load More button on the Shopify Collection Page?

Displaying your content properly on the web plays an important role than before. And, there’s ample content available over a…
Featured image for “A Guide to Shopify Theme Customization”
cgAugust 25, 2022

A Guide to Shopify Theme Customization

Undoubtedly, selling your products or services online is not at all an easy task. The e-commerce market is super competitive,…
Featured image for “An Ultimate Guide to Shop Pay”
cgAugust 5, 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Shop Pay

Are you an online shopper and looking for a fast and secure payment solution? Or, are you an online store…
Featured image for “7 Tactics to Grow Your Shopify Store Incredibly”
cgAugust 4, 2022

7 Tactics to Grow Your Shopify Store Incredibly

You’ve put all your efforts into designing and building a Shopify store that contributes towards adding to your values and…
Featured image for “5 Strategies for Product Bundling”
cgAugust 3, 2022

5 Strategies for Product Bundling

Product bundling is a strategy that involves creating and selling a collection of complementary products that can help you convert…

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We have been working with CG and PRP Webs for several years now and they are great: responsive, communicative, and very helpful....

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I have been working with this company for maybe 3.5 years now and I couldn't be happier. The communication is always fast, the work....

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I am very impressed with PRP Webs. Chitragupt Pandey has been invaluable not only in the development of my website but also in....