Tips to Write Product Descriptions That Persuade (2023)

Shopify Product Descriptions

A product description plays a key role in driving sales to your Shopify store.

Well, every customer reviews the product description section thoroughly before hitting the “Add to Cart” button.

And most of the time, even if we’re aware of the product, we still have a look at the product description to ensure that we’re getting the right product.

Today, many store owners do not consider writing product descriptions as an important aspect, but customers go through it such that they do not end up getting the wrong product delivered to their doorstep.

Crafting a compelling product description can help move your buyers to the sales funnel.

So, in this blog, we’ll be discussing some most effective tips to write Shopify product descriptions to increase the chances of converting casual website visitors into buyers.

What is a Product Description?

A product description acts like a marketing copy that tells what a product is about and why your customers must purchase it from your store. The main aim behind Shopify product description is to provide customers with information about features or functionalities and advantages of the product such that they make a purchase from your store.

A well-crafted product description helps convert window buyers to paying customers. Writing compelling Shopify product descriptions can move your buyers through the conversion funnel.

In order to write a compelling product description for Shopify, you need to answer the questions that customers may have about your products:

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • What are the benefits of using your products?
  • What makes it stand apart from the competition?

An ideal product description should be able to answer the above-mentioned questions in an engaging yet compelling way.

Why do Product Descriptions Play a Key Role in the E-commerce Industry?

Product descriptions play a crucial role in the e-commerce industry by providing prospective customers with product-related information.

Here are some reasons why product descriptions play a key role:

  • Providing Essential Information: Product descriptions provide prospective customers with essential information about the product, which includes its features, functionalities, benefits, specifications, and uses.
    It further helps customers make an informed purchase decision. It even reduces the chances of customers turning out to competitors for purchasing the product.
  • Improved SEO: Product descriptions are also critical for search engine optimization (SEO), which is essential for e-commerce websites.
    A well-crafted Shopify product description contains relevant keywords that help improve the site’s ranking in the search engine result pages, which makes it easy for prospective customers to discover and make a purchase from your store.
  • Product Differentiation: Product descriptions can also help differentiate products from similar ones offered by competitors.
    By highlighting unique features or benefits of the product, customers are more likely to choose it over similar offerings.
  • Encourage Customers: Persuasive language used in product descriptions can also help convince customers to make a purchase.
    Using sensory words, describing the product’s benefits, and addressing customer pain points can all help persuade potential buyers to make a purchase.

What are the Components of a Good Shopify Product Description?

A good Shopify product description should include the following components:

  • Product Title: The product title should be clear, concise, and accurately describe the product.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Highlight what makes your product unique and different from similar products available on the market.
  • Social Proof: Include customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to provide social proof and build trust with potential customers.
  • Pricing & Discounts: Clearly display the product price and any discounts or promotions that may be available.

Tips to Write Shopify Product Descriptions

Writing effective product descriptions plays a key role for Shopify stores. After all, if your prospective customers aren’t able to understand what you’re selling, they won’t make a purchase from your store.

Here are some tips for writing effective product descriptions that sell.

1. Know your Audience

Knowing your audience means understanding who your ideal customer is and tailoring your product descriptions to meet their needs, preferences, and interests.

To effectively write a product description, you need to consider your audience’s age, gender, lifestyle, values, and pain points.

For example, if your product is a trendy and fashionable clothing item targeting young adults, you’ll want to use language and tone that speaks to that demographic. You may use slang and informal language, and highlight the latest fashion trends and styles.

On the other hand, if you’re selling a health-related product for middle-aged people, you need to write a product description that focuses on the product’s health benefits. You may highlight how the product can improve overall health, increase energy levels, and boost immunity.

By knowing your target audience, you can customize your product descriptions to their needs, requirements, and preferences. This will help your audience get engaged and encourage them to make a purchase from your store.

Joint Supplement example in Product Description

2. Highlight Product Benefits

Highlighting product benefits means focusing on how the product can improve the customer’s life, rather than just listing its features. Benefits are the positive outcomes that the customer will experience from using the product.

For example, if you’re selling a moisturizer, instead of listing its ingredients, you need to highlight how it improves the skin’s texture and quality. You can highlight that it can make your skin soft, smooth, and youthful-looking.

By highlighting the product benefits, you can show the customer how the product can solve their problem or meet their needs.

Focusing on product benefits is an effective way to write Shopify product descriptions that persuade customers to buy your products by highlighting how your product can improve their life.

Highlight Benefits in Product Description

3. Use Descriptive Language

Using descriptive language means using words and phrases that paint a vivid picture in the customer’s mind, helping them visualize the product and its benefits. Descriptive language can make the product more appealing and engaging to the customer.

For example, instead of using words like “blue” for a t-shirt, you can use some descriptive language such as “deep navy blue” to make your product description more engaging.

Instead of describing a candle as “smelling good,” you can use descriptive language such as “rich and warm vanilla scent” or “uplifting citrus aroma.”

Descriptive language can also help differentiate your product from similar products on the market by highlighting unique features and benefits. Remember to be specific and avoid generic or overused adjectives.

Descriptive Language example in Product Description

4. Be Concise

Being concise means keeping your product descriptions brief and to the point.

Online shoppers tend to have short attention spans and may quickly lose interest if the product descriptions are too long or rambling. To be concise, use short sentences and avoid unnecessary words or information.

You can use bullet points, headings, subheadings, and paragraphs to break up the whole text and make it easier and more appealing to read. Focus on the most important features and benefits of the product, and avoid going into unnecessary detail or repeating information.

You need to keep in mind that the end goal of the Shopify product description is to encourage customers to make a purchase decision. Also, know that most customers may be accessing your store using mobile devices, thus, keep the descriptions concise and easier to read even on smaller screens.

Be Concise example in Product Description

5. Use Keywords

Using keywords means incorporating words and phrases that are commonly searched for by customers when looking for products like yours.

Keywords are important because they can help your product appear higher in search results and improve the visibility of your store.

To use keywords effectively, research the most commonly used keywords and phrases related to your product and incorporate them into your product description in a natural and relevant way.

Using relevant keywords can improve your product’s visibility and attract more potential customers to your store. You must effectively optimize your product descriptions for search engines such that your customers can easily discover your products.

Use Keywords example in Product Description

6. Use Social Proof

Using social proof means incorporating customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials in your product description to show potential customers that other people have already purchased and benefited from the product.

Social proof can increase customer confidence and trust in your product and can help persuade them to make a purchase.

To use social proof effectively, feature customer reviews and ratings prominently on your product page, and highlight the most positive comments. You can also include customer photos or videos of them using the product to add further credibility.

Using social proof in your product descriptions can be an effective way to increase conversions and sales. Potential customers are more likely to trust and purchase a product that has been validated by other customers.

Use Social Proof example in Product Description

7. Avoid Technical Jargon

Avoiding technical jargon means writing your product descriptions in plain and simple language that is easy for customers to understand.

Using technical terms can create confusion in the minds of people who aren’t familiar with the product and this may discourage them from making purchases from your store. Thus, to avoid this, use easy-to-understand language.

If, in case, your product demands using technical terms, you need to provide a definition of the term used to help customers what it means.

Hence, avoiding technical jargon is an effective way to write Shopify product descriptions that are easy to understand and engaging for customers, which can increase the chances of a sale.

Avoid Technical Jargon example in Product Description

8. Include a Call-To-Action

A CTA helps guide the customer toward the next step in the buying process and increases the chances of a sale. To include a CTA in your product description, use clear and actionable language that encourages the customer to take the desired action.

Ensure that you use keywords like “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” or “Sign Up” such that you make it clear to your customers what they need to do next. Also, use contrasting colors and bold text to make the CTA stand out and catch the customer’s attention.

A strong and clear CTA can increase the chances of a sale and improve the overall effectiveness of your product description.

Call-To-Action example in Product Description

Things to Avoid When Creating Product Descriptions on Shopify

Some general things to avoid when creating product descriptions on Shopify:

  • Avoid Using Generic or Vague Descriptions: Be specific about the product features, benefits, and usage. Consider not using generic or vague descriptions that do not provide enough information about the product.
  • Avoid Using Technical Jargon: Use language that your target audience can easily understand. Technical jargon may confuse or alienate potential customers.
  • Avoid Using Long Paragraphs: Break up your product descriptions into smaller, digestible paragraphs that are easy to read. Long paragraphs may overwhelm or bore potential customers.
  • Avoid Using Exaggerated Claims: Be honest about the product’s capabilities and limitations. Exaggerated claims may make the product seem too good to be true.
  • Avoid Using Too Many Keywords: Use relevant keywords that accurately describe the product. Too many keywords may make the description seem spammy or difficult to read.
  • Avoid Using Irrelevant Information: Only include information that is relevant to the product and its features. Any irrelevant information may confuse or distract potential customers.

Product Description Template

Crafting product descriptions can be challenging because there is no universal approach that fits every product and target audience. Yet, this is a positive thing as it allows you to reflect your brand’s unique identity through product descriptions.

Fortunately, there are certain cues that you can leverage to develop a tailored product description template that aligns with your business and merchandise, in case you are struggling to compose one.

What do you Need to Add to The Product Description?

You may want to incorporate the following elements into your product description template:

  • Catchy Headline: Create a headline that instantly captures readers’ attention and highlights the product’s primary advantage for your target audience. Keep it concise and straightforward. For instance, you could entice people with a unique-patterned yoga t-shirt named the “Fleck Studio Shirt.”
  • Brief & Compelling Paragraph: Draft an engaging paragraph that merges the product’s crucial features with its ideal usage scenarios.
  • Bullet-Point Listing: Utilize a bullet-point list to include any significant technical details about your product’s key benefits and features.
  • Social Proof Elements: Incorporate customer reviews or testimonials on your website to provide social proof. By integrating reviews from third-party platforms such as Facebook or search engines or using a customer reviews app to collect and showcase customer feedback, you can establish trust and credibility with potential buyers.


Product descriptions play a key role in driving online sales.

Because images aren’t enough to provide customers with detailed information about the product, thus, you need to rely on product descriptions to give your customers a top-notch experience.

Writing product descriptions for Shopify may seem to be a difficult task in the beginning. But, as you keep the tips in mind and use the template provided by us, you’ll be able to craft product descriptions easily.

You can even hire a professional content writer from our team to help you write unique and compelling product descriptions. Reach out to us today!

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