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Shopify Migration Services

Why Migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus?

Migrating from one platform to a new one involves a lot of work. Isn’t it? Still, many website owners consider migrating to Shopify.

Now, the question that comes up is whether it is worth investing in migration. Absolutely yes!

Let’s check out some reasons why you must migrate to Shopify:

  • With Shopify, you can get a plethora of features, functionalities & apps.
  • Fast and simple setup of the store
  • Minimum developer assistance to run a store
  • Inbuilt payment method to process easy payments
  • Easy security and hosting facilities.
  • It’s comparatively cheaper considering hosting, domain, and other costs.

Shopify Plus

Our End-to-End Shopify Migration Services

When we talk about Shopify migration, we take care of everything from the start to the end! Transfer your e-commerce store seamlessly. If you’re confused, let us help you!
It includes product titles, descriptions, images, prices, inventory, custom fields, and more.
Product Variants
It includes the core products and their subcategories.
Product Attributes
It includes product attributes such as size, type, dimensions, units, and more.
It includes retaining prior order history, managing current orders and bills, and opening any new orders as well.
It includes retaining the old customer database along with the data associated with it.
It includes prior tax history as well as calculations.
Coupon Codes
It includes active discounts on the site as well as retaining old coupon codes.
It includes transferring images category-wise such that easy identification can be made.
SEO Process
It includes retaining the SEO settings same during and after the Shopify migration process.
It includes transferring all the reviews of the customers that are embedded on the product pages.
Content Pages
It includes the content on pages and other content on the website or store.
Strip HTML Styling
It includes removing or cleaning the embedded HTML code such that the data displayed on the live site remains clean and appealing.

Let’s Make the Switch with Our Shopify Migration Process

Our developers follow a detailed and strategic Shopify migration process to achieve the needs, requirements, and goals of individuals or businesses.


  • Business goals
  • Assessment of the website
  • Key necessities
  • Possible challenges
  • Operational Process

Strategy Planning

  • Collection of necessary data
  • Improved UI / UX
  • Responsive web design
  • App integrations
  • Additional features

Migration & Development

  • Migrating media, data, and content
  • Adding third-party extensions
  • Refactoring code
  • Checking theme and device compatibility
  • Reinstalling integrations

QA & Go Live

  • Testing the system end-to-end
  • Final data rollout
  • Deployment testing
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Staging and production
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Why Choose us as your Shopify Migration Company?

With decade-long years of experience, you can trust us for your Shopify migration services, thus, making your e-commerce store robust, interactive, and scalable.

Seamless Migration

With our pool team of Shopify experts, you can rest assured that you’ll experience a seamless and hassle-free Shopify migration and easy accessibility to the store’s features and functionalities.

Tailored Functionality

You can get added functionality to your Shopify store either through the collection of apps or we can get you an app built with the right mix of features and add it to your store.

Assured Data Integrity

While migrating your store, we ensure that there’s no risk of data loss or corruption. Additionally, we keep a check that the confidentiality of your data is maintained.

Easy Store Management

Shopify offers an easy-to-use interface that can make it easier for you to manage your store. If you wish to improve it more, our Shopify developers can help you out!

Promote it easily

Shopify’s easy-to-use platform combined with the expertise of our Shopify developers can
help you launch your store quickly such that you experience continuous incoming revenue.
Migration Company

Our Expertise in Shopify Migration

We have a team of Shopify migration experts who can help you fulfill all needs and
specifications with any e-commerce platform.

Migration Company

Our proficient team of experts provides an accurate migration solution to shift from Magento to Shopify. It includes transferring all desired entities, such as URLs, categories, customers, customer passwords, products, and other relevant data.

WooCommerce to Shopify

Our solution for transferring WooCommerce to the Shopify store is the most desirable option for transferring your essential data. This way, you can seamlessly and hassle-free transfer all your important data securely and automatically.

BigCommerce to Shopify

Our Shopify migration experts execute secure and hassle-free BigCommerce to Shopify migration with seamless precision. Moreover, we offer additional options to broaden the scope of your migration from one platform to the other.

SquareSpace to Shopify

Switching SquareSpace Shopify may be a daunting task for you. However, with us, it is just a matter of some time. When we migrate your store from Squarespace to Shopify, we try our level best to accelerate the process such that you get the journey of selling faster.

OpenCart to Shopify

We, at PRP Webs, simplify the process of migrating from OpenCart to Shopify by using cutting-edge migration tools and techniques. We execute the Shopify process swiftly and accurately, ensuring that you transfer your store’s data with no loss.

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