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Domain & Hosting

Hosting is as much important as your website design. A Reliable, fast and secure hosting is must now a days. You can't be slower than your competitors nor afford to keep your website on shared hosting which is less secure.

This is the reason, our Subscription includes hosting on dedicated server at Digital Ocean cloud hosting.

If you own a domain, we will help you to point it to our servers. And if you don't have the domain yet, We can provide you the domain of your choice for free (subject to availability).

Get Free Hosting and domain with PRP Webs subscription
Website Development & Redesign
We develop websites on Wordpress using PRO theme.
Our Subscription includes new website design or redesign work.
Daily Backup

Humans do mistakes and mistakes makes us different from machines and allow us to be creative and think differently!

But sometimes it also cost us our money and time. To minimize the impact and allow you to do creative things with your websites, our subscription plan includes daily backup.

Mobile Friendy
Our Subscription includes all the issues related to responsive nature of your website. And we regularly test the website on different screen dimension to make it looks perfect on all the screen sizes and devices.
The most important part is SEO. In our Subscription, we will regularly work on every aspect of site to improve its SEO ranking and you will start to see improvements in Google Rankings within 3 months of hiring us.
The most important aspect of website is that it needs to be Search engine optimized. Even if you develop GEM of a site but it would have no value without having visitors.
Wordpress Website Maintenance
In Wordpress Maintenance, we keep your website backup, update it regularly and unlimited less than 30 mins tasks.