How to Choose Website Domain Name?

Choose Website Domain Name

Back when search engines were more unrefined than today’s powerful browsers, website names had to be very specific to their content and offerings to achieve visibility. For instance, if a business specialized in air conditioners, then would have ranked higher on Google than, which is the website of one of today’s top air conditioning brands. So, before  you choose website domain name, just keep in mind that it should be easy to remember and its spelling is not too complex. So, in my opinion, you should go for something which is catchy and at most 6-7 characters long. As you can see, most of the successful companies name such as google or amazon has similar lengths.Fortunately, a decade of improvements has made choosing a more broad-based or personalized name a reality instead of one that is simply categorical. However, even if Google no longer ranks websites based on domain names, you must still place importance on picking a domain name that is catchy and attractive. It is your site’s identity and therefore requires thought and consideration. This is also directly related to your website profitability and most importantly when you are going to market your site, the first thing your clients will notice is your domain.Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect domain name.

  • Designations should be short and simple for the user to remember. For instance, a band should use the band’s name as its domain name as it is going to be the easiest way for users to digitally find and promote the group.
  • Your domain name expresses individuality and should strike a chord with the user in a way that commits it to their memory.
  • It is best to forgo using domain names with dashes (-) and numbers as they tend to make the domain name complicated and could cause errors while typing the name in the browser. They do not benefit your google ranking either.
  • Use a suitable domain name extension at the end of your web address that fits your needs. The .com extension is the most popular and overused. There are various other extensions including .in, .org, and .net. Your extension can also be based on your location (e.g. for India, you can opt for .in).
  • Purchase various domain extensions to protect and prevent competitors from infringing on your brand. Redirect any additional domains to your primary domain name.
  • Registrar companies also provide the option for you to customize an extension for your domain name (e.g., .guru can be used for informative purposes; .media can be used for publications; .life can be used to denote a person’s history; .me can be personal; etc.).
  • For consistency and solidifying your trademark, ensure that the domain name you decide on is available on other social media sites, as well. Don’t forget to link back all the social media links back to your site.


Before you decide a domain name, answer these following questions by yourself:-

Q. What’s the main purpose of my website?

A. Let’s say I will provide information and reviews on computer hardware.

Q. What is the targeted audience age and location?

A. 14+ years and I will only be targeting India.

Q. Will my website be a blog or also a community for questions and answers?

A. Yes, I will be providing articles, reviews and users can share, create or update their thoughts.

Now after answering all these questions, I can conclude that my domain name should:-

  • Contain hardware or a computer related term in it.
  • Contain .in or as extension.
  • Contain the purpose community, blog, board, etc.

Some e.g.’s of what could be my domain name:- / / /

The trend is focused on simplicity, but with an impact. Your domain name must work harder now than the ones that existed years ago. It will have a significant impression on the success and potential of your website. Use these tips to choose website domain name that will determine your site’s future.