What is Google Analytics and why is it so important to me?


“We all need people who will give us feedback and that is how we will improve” – Bill Gates

Professionalism is an important character displayed in your work ethics, however maintaining that professionalism is a task at hand. To sustain the proficiency, it is important to understand the clients that you serve, which means taking a feedback on regular basis.


Google Analytics is a service offered by Google to track and report website traffic. Launched in 2005, it is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Integrated with Adwords, Google Analytics helps you achieve the following:-

  • Track your landing page quality

Through this web service, you can get the exact number of users landing on every particular page of your website. That way, you can track and optimize the SEO parameters for the important pages respectively.

  • Conversions

You can calculate the number of visitors to the actual number of users subscribing to your page or purchasing your product.

  • Viewing a specific page

Google Analytics helps in differentiating the active pages viewed frequently by users with the dormant ones that need optimization to gain more views.

  • Time spent on the page and length of article scrolled

The analytics offers you the exact time each user spends on your page along with the length of article scrolled for the particular page. This helps you identify the grasping power of the page, whether it has useful content to hold on to the attention of your reader.

  • Bounce Rate

You can identify the number of users who just visited any page on your website and then exited it with the next click. This aids in identifying the pages that are repelling and further research can be done to either improve the content or optimize the page to invite the correct audience.

  • Useful Campaigns

You can identify the campaigns that are sending the maximum readers to your website. For e.g., you have advertised on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.You can identify the number of users visiting your website through each campaign. This helps you to accordingly allocate your budget to these campaigns.

  • Top Keyword Searches

Google Analytics gives you a bifurcation of the top keyword searches that land the reader to your website. Hence, this helps in identifying if your web page is catering to the correct set of clients. If not, you can work on optimizing the page better and improve the keyword searches, or you can alter the content to match the keyword searches.

  • User Demographics

You can also identify the age, gender, locality, country, language, education, etc of the user for your web page. This can assist you in identifying the demographic that regularly visit your page.

What gets measured gets improved” – Peter DruckerKeeping the above in mind, Google Analytics is an important, informative and resourceful tool which is a must for any online business. At PRP Webs, we offer you the services of Google Analytics, however, you can also subscribe to it at https://analytics.google.com.