What are the Advantages of Building a Site on WordPress?


WordPress is a powerful open-source software that is powering 28% of the internet today or supporting more than 70 million websites. If you are looking to publish on the Web, WordPress is a highly useful and free tool to create blogs, news outlets, music sites, or a variety of other pages. WordPress can be self-hosted or be used as a hosted service. Installation takes only five minutes, and you can use a web-based editor to start creating web pages without ever having to learn HTML. As the most popular content management system online, WordPress has multiple advantages.

  • WordPress offers thousands of free plug-ins to enhance your website’s functionality and tailor it to your specific needs. To name just a few perks, you can add social media sharing, search engine optimization (SEO), and picture slideshows.
  • Websites created on WordPress are SEO-friendly and include everything that you need to increase your site’s visibility.Google recommends WordPress for this reason.
  • The software is enhanced for mobile and even includes a limited set of options.
  • Since WordPress is very user-friendly and allows you to be in complete control of your content, you can easily manage and update your own website without having to hire professional help.
  • The extensive inventory of themes and designs allows you to modify your site to your desires. Creativity is facilitated since you can focus on your design and branding without having to spend time coding.
  • Because WordPress is an open-source software, it is continually improved upon by people around the world. This has led to a thriving community of WordPress users who offer constant support on forums or through employment if you get stuck.

As a single entity, WordPress has provided a solution to those with no technical background and has simplified complex applications. Easy to setup, update, and manage, it’s unsurprising that millions of people have chosen WordPress as their creative or business platform.