How to Add your Google’s API Key to the PW Store Locator App?

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This blog provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to get obtain and add a Google Maps API key.

What is a Google Maps API Key?

A Google Maps API key is a code provided by Google to add Google Maps to your website. Without it, you can’t display Google Maps on your website.

How to get a Google Maps API key?

Getting a Google API key isn’t a complicated process and it’s a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is to create a billing account or manage if you already have one.

Follow the below-mentioned four steps:

Step 1: Create a Project

Firstly, visit the Google Maps Platform and click on Get Started.

Google Maps Platform

In case you didn’t have one, start a new project.

Google Maps Create New Project

Step 2: Create your Billing Account

Next, you need to visit the Google Cloud Platform Console. In the left menu bar, select Billing.

Google Cloud Dashboard Billing

Next, you need to set up your billing account.

  • Click Add billing account, if this is your first billing account.
  • Click Manage billing accounts, if you already have a billing account.

Add Billing Account on Google Cloud

Enter the required details to create your billing account.

Create Billing Account on Google Cloud

Step 3: Enable APIs

After creating your billing account, go to API & Services.

Google API & Services

Click on Library.

Google API Library

In the left sidebar, choose Maps under the category head.

Google API Maps Category

To use the feature, you must first activate the APIs listed below.

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API

Step 4: Get API Access & Enter into The App

In the menu button, select the APIs and Services > Credentials.

Google API Credentials

Click on Create Credentials, then select API Key.

Google API Create Credentials

Here’s the API key that you need to enter into the app.

Google API Key

Lastly, you need to add this API Key. To do so, go back to the PW Store Locator App. In the Settings tab, add the Google API Key that you just generated.

Don’t forget to click on Save at the end!

Add API Key to App

You can also have a look at the below-mentioned video:


So, that’s it! The steps to obtain the Google Maps API are as easy as it looks.

Just follow the steps mentioned above.

If you get stuck somewhere, reach out to us!

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Hire your Expert Shopify Developer
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