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PRP Webs is a one-stop-shop solution for all your WordPress needs and requirements. Whether it is just a simple website or a highly complex store, our WordPress developers can create a site that is full of powerful features, unbeatable in performance and well-optimized as per SEO algorithms.



New Website

Almost 85% of the customers visiting a company’s or service provider’s website notice the appearance, usability, and accessibility of the website. This is especially more important in this competitive market.

Keeping this in mind, we design and develop a website that enhances the user experience on the website. Additionally, we run detailed market research, study your profile, get to know your competitors and audience, and know your goals and objectives.

This gives us a deeper analysis of the end product that you’re looking for. We ensure that we stick to this and develop a WordPress website that fulfils your motives.

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Website Redesign

Have you noticed that your website is losing out on customers or not achieving online marketing goals? Or are you hoping to increase the functionality of your existing website, enhance the user experience, or want to get an appealing look at your website?

Whatever may be the scenario, we are the leading website redesign service provider in Jaipur. When it comes to website redesign, we offer exceptional services than those of our competitors.

During the process, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. This means that your redesigned WordPress website will be able to get you more traffic, drive more leads, and increase your ROI.

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Custom Changes or
New feature

As the business model grows and evolves, standing out from the competitors involves taking the necessary steps to outshine your website and deliver the best user experience. For this, you either need to make certain changes or add new features.

If the client has some ideas in their mind and wants to make custom changes to the website or wants to add new features to the WordPress website, we carry on all the work on the staging site.

If the staging site is not provided by the client itself, we create one for them. We set a time frame with the consideration of the client and ensure that the work is done within the deadline.

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Digital Marketing

Are you willing to communicate with your target audience in real-time? Agreed, then Digital Marketing is all you need to focus on! It not only helps in increasing your sales but also helps in driving more traffic to your WordPress website.

To make this possible, we start with SEO which include keyword research, then head on to On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and technical SEO. These steps are important in improving your web traffic and rankings.

Our next step is to get into SEM that helps in increasing the visibility of your website on search engines by showing Display Ads and Search Ads. Lastly, we offer content marketing services which attracts more people to your site.

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Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugin development is a complex task and, it requires professional and experienced developers to handle. Our team of developers has extensive coding experience and can build a new plugin for your project without bloating the website.

It additionally helps in creating an SEO-friendly website with an enhanced user experience. To enhance the UX on the website, we create various APIs and connect them to third-party software like CRM, ERP, your accounting software, etc.

The growth of a website soulfully depends upon the functionality of a website, and to enhance that, we custom create various plugins for our clients.

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Page Speed

You wouldn’t realize it now but you’ve been losing a good amount of revenue just because your website isn’t able to load quickly. Have you considered this an issue before? If not, then you need help from an expert.

The better your page loading speed is, the more efficient your website's interface is. Web page loading time plays a crucial role in developing your online presence, and it has an immense impact on user experience, conversion rates, and search engine rankings.

We use relevant tools like GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed to judge your webpage’s loading speed and create a report showing possible solutions to improve the page speed. And the end result would be a flawless page speed!

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Digital Marketing

If you want to communicate with your audience in real-time then Digital marketing is just the thing for you. Digital Marketing not only helps you increase your sales online but also helps you increase traffic on your website regardless of the genre of your website. We start with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which will contain steps like Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and technical SEO. It will help optimize your web traffic and rankings. Then we get onto SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which will increase the visibility of your website on various search pages by showing Display Ads and Search Ads. Next in the line comes Content Marketing. Effective content attracts more people. We do Social Media Postings and Weekly Blog Articles by being consistent with effective content.
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Theme development

Designing a website is as important as development and is one of the vital foundation blocks of a website. We create custom themes for your WordPress site where we work on bringing your ideas into reality.

Let’s assume you have a mind-blowing design in your mind, and you hand over that design to us. Next, we’ll convert the Figma and Adobe XD to Custom Theme. And if it’s in PSD, we’ll convert it into a WordPress custom theme directly.

In case you don’t have any specific design in your mind, our WordPress developers will design all the web pages for you and share them on the invision App for review. After your approval, we’ll start to develop a custom theme for you.

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PSD to WordPress Theme

Even though WordPress has many prebuilt themes, you may still want a custom design for your website. That is where PSD to WordPress theme comes into the role!

We offer custom-designed, SEO-friendly, and feature-rich PSD to WordPress theme services. Our dedicated and experienced WordPress developers work passionately on the projects to make your investment worth in WordPress site development.

Our WordPress professionals can customize every design as per your needs and requirements. We take up all your creative and custom designs and handover you a WordPress-developed them that goes well with W3C standards.

Zapier & API Integration

With Zapier, one can connect their WordPress site with thousands of apps to automate the workflow. While with WordPress API integration services, you can bring your website & third-party applications together.

To smoothen down your workflow, we are here to provide Zapier and WordPress API Integration Services to create a cohesive and secure experience. We establish a two-way flow between your WordPress platform and other applications to capture data.

To help you with the integration part, we have a professional team for all WordPress API Integration related tasks. We work on customizing your WordPress platform to suit your custom needs and requirements. We integrate your website with every app you want.


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