Top 5 startups in Jaipur?


During the last decade, a new concept has enthralled the Indian youth and has been a big attraction for that age group. It goes by the name of ‘startup’ (pardon the sarcasm). Even the government after seeing the popularity gained by these startups and their potential in the future, launched a national scheme called ‘Startup India’ to support and propagate it in the various small towns in India. The Rajasthan government was not far behind to follow the trail and planned out schemes to aid in the commencement of startups. Jaipur, being the capital gained the most from these schemes and many different startup companies were founded in the city. The following is the list of five such startups.

Hippo Cabs

This startup was founded in the year 2015. As the name suggests the startup provides cab services in the city. It is a very renowned company in Jaipur and it acquired its first 1000 users in just 18 days of its inception.

PRP Webs

The PRPWebs is the most promising website development and designing company in Jaipur. It provides customer services like website design and development, website management, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing and article writing. Since its institution, it has been captivating its customers with free domain name, free hosting, etc.

It is the only company in Jaipur which provides a refund to the customer within 15 days if the customer is unsatisfied. To know more, visit the About Page.


The EduCommerce Technologies have developed an app on the mobile platform which acts as a communication tool between the teachers and the parents. The app caters to different schools, colleges, and educational institutions. They aim to provide a stable sheltered platform for transaction and communication.

Wooden Street

Wooden Street is a home furnishing company established in the year 2015. It not only provides the customers with the option of a variety of exquisite furniture but also gives them an opportunity to share their ideas with the company so that their furniture is made to order. This helps in customizing the furniture at minimum cost.


The unique idea behind this startup has been frequently appreciated and covered by many media personnel. It is a demand laundry startup. They pick up clothes from their clients and dry clean and return it to them within 24 hours. This adds to the convenience of the office goers who because of their tight schedule do not have time to drop their clothes at the laundry.

The list of startups in Jaipur is growing by the day. The biggest reason for this is the encouragement of the state government and their goal of making Jaipur among the first ’20 smart cities’ in India. At this rate, the goal does not seem far from being achieved.