Thread Beauty Case Study

Thread is a beauty brand for people of color. They are a female-founded brand. Thread beauty provides the best makeup look in four easy steps. Their products come under four types- face it, blend it, color it and gloss it. They are 100% percent vegan and cruelty free. This brand wants their buyers to express themselves through the power of make-up. They see their clients as storytellers, artists, and creatives who are so unique and different. They are building an offline community with these people as well. They create such efficient products that it can replace 10 products all together and you can get that no effort make-up look with the help of these four spectacular products these guys are offering.
girl applying concealerconcealer
girl applying lipsticklipstick
The Thread beauty team wanted many custom features which native Shopify store doesn’t provide as well as apps available in the market were not as per the requirements of the team. They wanted us to create a bundle for their clients with over 100 combinations. Their main aim was to Provide less products and deliver more impactful results to their shoppers. We created a mega menu for them. It helps the visitors to reach the deepest section of the website without much hassle. We designed an autoplay background video for their homepage. It is attractive and lets the users understand the brand and their products in the span of a few minutes. Our team provided the feature of store locator which can help the buyers to know beforehand in which target Thread beauty Products are available in their state, city or Street.
types of lip gloss
Bundle creation
Thread team wanted to replace 20 products and instead just create a bundle of 3 products which could be used for all purposes. PRP webs created a bundle which provided over 100 combinations to clients of thread beauty. The first step is to select a complexion stick that can be used as foundation, contour, color corrector, concealer and bronzer. We provided 24 options for the complexion stick whichever goes with the buyer's skin tone they can select that one. The next step is to select a blend in stick that can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, bronzer or as a lip color base. We provided 10 options to choose from. The last step is to select a lip color. Here we offered 10 options to the clients Which were 2-in-1 lip liner & lip color duo. These are the three simple steps where shoppers can customize their products according to their requirements. They can select the quantity and decide whether they want to buy it now or add it to cart and buy later. Thread beauty offers the first 15% off if someone sign-up for text alerts.
bundles of product
Mega menu
PRP webs created a mega menu for the Thread beauty. We created a mega menu to offer the best user-friendly experience to their clients. A mega menu allows visitors to reach even the deepest sections of a website through the main menu. In addition to improving user experience and web usability, mega menus also help generate more sales, increase conversions, and keep your visitors browsing the website longer. In simple terms a mega menu is a drop-down menu with multi-level expansions that lets you pack your website’s entire navigation into a single menu.
Thread cart
Autoplay background video on top banner
We created a stunning autoplay background video on the top banner. As soon as someone opens the Thread beauty website homepage. They see a beautiful video playing in the background. As this Video is eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and great at conveying vital information about this brand in an instant. Including background video on your homepage is a super effective and straightforward way to take hold of your visitors’ attention and get them to take action.The video our experts created displays the true personality of Thread beauty and what they represent. Models of different colors show the brand products in an attractive way. This helps the clients to understand what Thread beauty is all about.
Thread website
Customized Store Locator
We created a customized store locator for Thread beauty. The client just has to provide a street, city, zip code or state and then press enter. The store locator will do the rest of the work and Provide information regarding the Targets where thread beauty products are available on sale. A store locator helps the prospective customers to find the physical store or stores. Another equally important benefit is that it helps in enhancing business ranking in search results.
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