Plugins – A Necessary Malice!!!

The conundrum that is faced today by users is either to use plug-ins while using WordPress or not. WordPress is a self-sufficient platform by itself which can operate without any other external applications. However, the plug-ins play very effective functions to enhance the performance of WordPress. But excessive plugins while using WordPress is advised against.

Why is outsourcing work beneficial to your company?

Outsourcing refers to the process whereby a company delegates its processes and procedures to an external agency or any other third parties that leverage benefits basically from low-cost labor to enhanced quality of innovated products and services. At times, outsourcing may contravene the national limits and has to be managed by other companies or agencies in other countries; then outsourcing …

make your website profitable

How to make your website profitable?

If you own a website, you must have struggled for long looking for ways to create a valuable internet site. Of course, every site owner wants to make thousands of dollars at the end of every month. Everyone who has been trying to make a living on the internet, at least the thought must have crossed their minds at least …

What are the different job titles in an IT company?

The IT sector today is the fastest growing sector in comparison to the other business genres in the world. Information Technology is the biggest creator of jobs in any country and that is the reason why all the countries in the world spend colossal amounts of money to develop this sector in their respective technology market. Any person with hands-on …

How much does building a website cost you in India?

The internet today is crowded with websites consisting of varied types. Some of the sites act as a search engine for finding other websites (for example. Google) while there are some websites which are in protraction for the production of other websites (for example, WordPress and PHP).

Is WooCommerce really Good

Is WooCommerce Good Enough for My store?

WooCommerce is an most popular WordPress plugin and despite being freely available, it has all the features available which you can expect from any paid or premium softwares. Moreover, as it used by various types of customers who are selling different products which includes but not limited to Virtual

Mobile Application Development

How does an App help me improve my business?

Today’s cutthroat environment pits companies offering the same services against each other to win over consumers. Businesses compete to develop ways to reach out and fulfil their customers’ needs quickly. The best way to provide round-the-clock support is via an app on mobile phones and tablets.

Top 5 ways for building a website?

The purpose of a website is not only to display the product, which you are offering to the customers but also to portray them in an exquisite manner so that you gain an edge over your competitors. There are many different platforms through which a website can be developed, but each platform carries its own uniqueness and its proper utilization …