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our premium home decor theme designed to showcase your exquisite products. With its responsive design, versatile layouts, and powerful features, InspireHome offers the perfect canvas for your home decor business. Customize the look and feel to align with your brand, highlight your curated collections, and enchant your customers with stunning visuals

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InspireHome Features

Mega Menu

The Mega Menu provides a visually appealing and user-friendly navigation experience for your customers. It allows you to display a larger number of menu items and subcategories in a structured and organized manner

Social Media Icon Bar

By including a Social Media Bar in your theme, you can prominently showcase your social media presence to visitors, making it easy for them to connect with you on different platforms.

Product of the Week

Showcase the "Product of the Week" prominently on your homepage or dedicated promotional sections of your store. Use eye-catching graphics, banners, or pop-ups to draw attention to the deal and highlight the limited-time nature of the offer.

Shop By Look

Create visually appealing and inspiring looks or ensembles by combining complementary home decor products such as furniture, accessories, and accents.
shop by look


Displaying testimonials builds trust and credibility among potential customers. Positive reviews from satisfied customers serve as social proof, assuring others of the quality and reliability of your products or services.


FAQs offer a centralized and easily accessible resource for customers to find answers to their common questions without needing to reach out to customer support. This saves time and provides convenience for both customers and your team.

Scroll To Top

When the user clicks on the "Scroll to Top" button, the page smoothly scrolls back to the top section, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience.

How to Add?

    1. Purchase or Download the Theme: If you have purchased the InspireHome theme from a developer or the Shopify Theme Store, make sure you have the theme file ready for installation. If it's a free theme, ensure you have downloaded the theme file.
    2. Access your Shopify Admin: Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the admin dashboard.
    3. Go to the Themes Section: From the Shopify admin, go to "Online Store" and click on "Themes."
    4. Upload Theme: On the Themes page, click on the "Upload theme" or "Upload a theme" button (location may vary depending on the Shopify interface).
    5.  Choose the Theme File: Select the InspireHome theme file (usually a .zip file) you have downloaded or purchased from your computer, and click "Upload."
    6. Customize Theme Settings: Once the InspireHome theme is uploaded and installed, click on the "Customize" button for the installed theme. This will open the theme editor, where you can modify various settings, including colors, fonts, layouts, and more, to customize the appearance of your store based on the InspireHome theme's options.
    7. Preview and Publish: While customizing, you can preview the changes in real-time using the theme editor. Once you are satisfied with the modifications, click on the "Save" button, followed by the "Publish" button to make the InspireHome theme live on your Shopify store.
    8. Set Up Theme Sections: Depending on the InspireHome theme, you may have specific sections or features that require setup. Consult the theme's documentation or instructions provided by the developer to configure these sections, such as homepage sliders, featured collections, or promotional banners.
    9. Test and Review: After installation, thoroughly test your store on different devices and browsers to ensure that the InspireHome theme is responsive, functional, and properly display

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