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Why Are Maintenance Packages Vital For Your Business Site?

Imagine you have a business site that’s full of features and functionalities, fully optimized, and attractive.

You invested a great deal of money into getting it created. But, due to some reasons, you neglected to opt for website maintenance services.

Whether you don’t find it worthy enough, or were over-confident that you wouldn’t face any issue on your site, or maybe you considered it a total waste of money.

Whatever may be your thought process, you should get website maintenance packages to keep it in top-notch condition.

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Website Maintence to Run Your Website Flawlessly
WordPress Maintenance: Indeed, WordPress maintenance services are a daunting task. However, it can minimize the time you spend on your website to tackle the issues like spam, hacks, and errors. Instead of spending time on such tasks, hand over these tasks to our WordPress developers. We specialize in offering:
broken links check
Broken Links Check
website backups
Website Backups
SSL check
SSL Check
Domain check
Domain Check
Weekly Backups
Weekly Backups
page speed
Page Speed
broken link
Broken Link
theme updates
Theme Updates
plugin update
Plugin Update
Shopify Maintenance: Consistently maintaining your Shopify store is crucial to ensure its regular growth, prevent downtime, and avoid revenue loss. Tie up with PRP Webs developers and upkeep the site’s performance to the best. We specialize in offering:
Design fixes
Design Fixes
broken link checker
Broken Link Check
H1 h2 tags
H1/H2 Tags
Google console
Google Console
Image optimize
Image Optimize
What Do We Do?
When you choose one of our maintenance plans, we immediately get on your Shopify store or WordPress site. Our experts always work round the clock to offer assistance on the way. We keep your site running as smoothly as possible.

 Monitor the site downtime

 Watch the site for domain issues like Website blacklist, Whois, and more.

 Scan the site for security and Malware

On A Daily Basis
  • Monitor the site downtime
  • Watch the site for domain issues like Website blacklist, Whois, and more.
  • Scan the site for security and Malware
Every Month
  • Maintenance check
  • Monitoring the analytics through the Google search console
  • Checking checkout process
  • Backing up the order and product records
Reviews & Checks
  • Reviewing analytics through the Google search console
  • Major CMS updates
  • Updates to third-party themes
  • On-Going Maintenance
We review your regularly updated Shopify store or WordPress site in our ongoing meetings, prepare a report based on our expert suggestions and recommendations, and review it. We don’t hesitate to discuss extra suggestions from our side, and we even update it on your site for you!
What's Included in our website
Maintenance Packages?
Why Choose Our Website Maintenance Packages/Plans?
Implementing a proper and rigorous site maintenance schedule ensures that it continues to work smoothly for you as long as you wish. Get to know why businesses are turning to us for their Shopify store or WordPress site needs!
Backup on laptop
Monthly Backups
Most of the time, a file on the site becomes corrupt or outdated due to technical glitches. But when your site experiences an issue, we already have backups ready to restore your site to normal.
security search
Daily Malware Scans
WordPress and Shopify are preferred platforms to build a website, and this makes them one most sought platforms for hackers. But, we conduct daily malware scans to identify and fix the issue as early as possible.
working men
24/7 Monitoring
Our experts conduct uptime monitoring and security scans 24/7. We get immediately once your site experiences downtime, and we quickly get on to work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
tension free maintenance
Tension-Free Maintenance
We understand that you might be busy running your business operations, and thus, we want to help you tackle the load! So, hand over your site to us, and we’ll monitor, scan, and backup your site daily to ensure it is safe.
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Professional Support
Each and every team member of PRP Webs is well versed in ins and outs of WordPress and Shopify. This helps us in finishing off the tasks quickly and providing you with the best possible support.
    Our Websiste Maintenance Checklist
    There are a plethora of tasks that we perform weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to keep your website offering a seamless experience to the users. Without these, your website will face a downfall some or the other day.
    Keeping that in mind, we perform a list of website maintenance tasks regularly:
    Tasks Performed Weekly
    • Check if all the web pages load quickly without any errors
    • Conduct a backup and ensure that the previous version of the site is saved
    • Update the WordPress plugins and Shopify apps
    • Check if the site’s forms run properly
    • Check all the web pages to identify and fix any broken links
    • Search for 404 web pages and fix it
    Tasks Performed Monthly
    • Check page speed of the site and ensure everything performs well
    • Review your security scans
    • Analyse site statistics from the previous month
    Tasks Performed Quarterly
    • Review your website design and structure
    • Check the site’s graphics and images
    • Review the site’s SEO, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions and check if they are bringing enough traffic to the site
    • Review your workload to check if anything can be automated through plugins or apps
    • Check your website’s responsiveness on all devices and browsers
    • Conduct the backup to ensure the site’s backup health
    Tasks Performed Yearly
    • Check each webpage for content accuracy and relevancy
    • Renew your website domain name
    • Check whether the site's design update is due or not
    • Check if the site’s backup is stored safely
      Fiona Bryan

      Fiona Bryan

      We have been working with CG and PRP Webs for several years now and they are great: responsive, communicative, and very helpful....
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      Florence Witt

      CG is knowledgeable, polite, and very fast. He first helped me when my site had issues on a weekend when no one else was....
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      Melissa Butler

      I have been working with this company for maybe 3.5 years now and I couldn't be happier. The communication is always fast, the work....
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      Jerrica Mah

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