KYM Global

KYM Global is the most successful research partner. They help their clients to develop the market strategy according to the customised research their experts do.They use competitive intelligence by gathering and using information collected from clients, competitors and using this data for business advantage. KYM Global collects data for specific markets and helps the big companies to make big investment decisions. Their team specialises in business intelligence and they create strategies for data analytics. They create syndicate reports for their clients where KYM Global experts collect information regarding specific fields and later sell them to companies for particular purposes. They also do custom market research which is specifically customised according to the clients requirements and choices.
What does KYM Global needed?
KYM Global asked our team to help them with three things

1. Website navigation

KYM Global wanted us to create a smooth and user friendly website navigation system. A good Navigation system is essential for conversion sales. We created such a system by which visitors can easily find what they are looking for In just a few clicks.

2. Chat bot integration

Another feature they asked for was a chat bot integration on their website. We created a system where any visitor can just click on the chat button and add all his details like- Name, phone number, company name, email id and requirements.Then KYM Global representatives will connect to them shortly and talk about their specific requirements.

3. Feature Rich Report Page

The team of KYM Global was looking for a page which was featured with various kinds of reports. We created the same for them; our team featured almost 12 reports on their website. Each of these reports are from the most credible source possible. If a visitor opens one of these reports they will get various options like- Report demo, inquire before buying, customisation requirement and Request TOC. The visitor can select any one of the options that they desire for.
What PRP Webs delivered to KYM Global?
We delivered the following things to them

1. PRO Theme

Our experts delivered them with the fastest loading Wordpress site on PRO theme which allows them to edit the complete website by themselves. We created an SEO friendly theme for them which wordpress supports. We gave such an aesthetic design to their website that it stands out from their competitors' websites now. We provided them with all the plugins they wanted us to add on their website. The highlight is that the KYM Global team can now edit their website by themselves without much hassle.

2. Customisation of there website pages

PRP Webs customised the background, colour, font and text of each page according to KYM Global team requirements. We gave a customised experience for their clients. Our experts tried to give that unique experience to their clients specifically tailored according to the requirements of their team.