Installation of WordPress on Windows Server

The task we got on 24th Feb 2020 was different than what we usually do. It was related to cloud hosting WordPress Website on Vultr Windows 2012 Server. 

I have done several WordPress Installation with Linux but this was the first time I was trying to do something with windows. 

It looked difficult at first but I completed it within an hour. 

The two new things I learned because of that and maybe useful for you as well is:

  1. We can access Windows remotely using Microsoft Remote Desktop. In Linux, I do it with SSH or Cpanel. It was rather new to me but awesome
  2. Wpilauncher.exe file allows us to do the installation with simple GUI and in a couple of clicks. 

Though some of the other stuff with windows is different such as IIS Server, File Permissions, Virtual Host Configurations but everything was easy and could be done with simple GUI features it provides. 

The important distinction, I would like to point is that IIS uses its own file instead of .htaccess and its name is web.config. 

You can view what text it takes via this link

If you are interested in installing WordPress on a windows server, this link would help you:

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