What are the Different Job Titles in an IT Company?

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The IT sector today is the fastest growing sector in comparison to the other business genres in the world. Information Technology is the biggest creator of jobs in any country and that is the reason why all the countries in the world spend colossal amounts of money to develop this sector in their respective technology market. Any person with hands-on knowledge about computers can easily find a highly paid and secure job in this industry.

As a genre that is ever changing and evolving, there are new jobs and positions that have risen to cater to the requirements of these intermittent changes. To manage these jobs there are various posts that have been created. Some of the job titles in the IT sector are:-

Software developers

The work of a software developer is to design and programme different types of software applications so that it can be further used by their customers. Their job deals with planning and implementing different ideas in the application. They also take into consideration the need of the clients and the target audience. They are currently a hot pick in the IT Industry.

System Analyst

The system analyst looks into the business problems of the project and provides a real-time solution to those problems, normally at the request of the business or a customer. They provide a tentative figure for the cost of the project and the time which will be taken up to complete the project. This helps in getting an overview of the project.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a multitasker who communicates with the techie’s, business managers, and the ultimate users. They plan out the entire process of business operation keeping in mind the needs of the clients and manage the essential documents required for better understanding and implementation. This work involves a technical know-how but a technical degree is not required for this.

Technical support

The technical support personnel act as saviors in times of distress. They generally liaise with hardware suppliers and manufacturers and redress the problems faced by the office staff, thereby maintaining and monitoring the workplace technology. They also provide solutions to the users whenever in need.

Technical consultant

A technical consultant provides technical acumen to various clients generally on a contractual basis. They develop and implement an Information Technology system for their clients. They are involved throughout the project, at every stage, from searching for clients, knowing the demands of the client, developing a system and after-sales support.

Software Tester

This position also goes by the name Test Analyst. A software tester looks into every aspect of the software and anticipates every way in which a software can fail so that it can be improved, simultaneously reducing the occurrence of bugs in the system.

The above-mentioned designations contribute their expertise in various ways to the Information Technology sector. The collaboration of these positions yields a smooth and profitable IT industry.

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